Professor Alex Siow Yuen Khong – Senior Consultant


Professor Alex Siow Yuen Khong, a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience spanning several decades, has made significant contributions in the fields of academia, technology, and governance.


Current Main Portfolio:

Professor Siow’s primary role is as a Professor within the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Located in the prestigious School of Computing, he brings his extensive knowledge and experience to shape the next generation of leaders in the field of information systems and analytics. As part of his academic commitment, he also serves as a Faculty member in the Advanced Computing for Executives Centre at NUS.


Previous Appointments:

Professor Siow’s career has been marked by several notable appointments, each contributing to his rich tapestry of expertise. He began his career as a Senior Structural Engineer at the Housing & Development Board in Singapore, a role in which he played a crucial part in shaping infrastructure and engineering practices in the country.

Subsequently, he transitioned into the role of Chief Information Officer at the same Housing & Development Board, where he took on responsibilities that were instrumental in shaping the technological landscape of the organization. His expertise in this area allowed him to make substantial contributions in the realm of information technology and governance.

Professor Siow’s career extended into the corporate sector, where he held the position of Senior Vice President at StarHub Ltd. In this role, he occupied various portfolios, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in different domains within the organization.

His journey also led him to Accenture Pte Ltd, a global consulting and professional services firm. Here, he served as the Managing Director of Health & Public Service, where his leadership and expertise made a significant impact on the operations and services provided by the firm.

His academic commitment remains unwavering, and in addition to his role at NUS, he also directs the program of Advanced Computing for Executives, reaffirming his dedication to knowledge dissemination and higher education.


  • Professor Siow’s academic journey is a testament to his commitment to education and professional development:


  • He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, a degree he earned in 1979 from Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences in Germany. This strong foundation in engineering laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.


  • His academic pursuits extended with a Master of Science in Engineering, a degree he earned with distinction in 1986 from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. This accomplishment showcased his commitment to academic excellence.


  • In 1991, Professor Siow embarked on the Senior Management Programme at INSEAD in Fontainebleu, France. This program enriched his understanding of management and leadership, adding a valuable dimension to his skill set.


  • He also holds the Certified Cloud Security Knowledge V4.0 credential, reflecting his expertise in cloud security, an increasingly critical aspect of the technology landscape.


  • Recognized as a Certified Management Consultant – Academic Fellow, he is a member of a distinguished group of management consultants known for their exceptional qualifications and experience.

Professional Expertise:


  • Professor Siow’s professional expertise is extensive and covers a wide range of domains. In his current role as a Professor at the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, he imparts knowledge and insight in the fields of Corporate and IT Transformation and Governance, Corporate and IT Strategy and Planning, Management of Emerging Technologies, Cloud Technologies, Cybersecurity, Business and Operational Excellence, Enterprise Risk Management, Crisis Communications, Incident Management, and Digital Government. His understanding of these areas is not merely theoretical but deeply practical, having been honed through years of experience and hands-on involvement.


  • In addition to his academic commitments, Professor Siow has also made substantial contributions in governance and leadership roles in both public and private institutions. His career has included board memberships in various organizations in Singapore and Jakarta, many of which have given him exposure to critical functions like Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Nominating, and Remuneration Committees. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Technology Committee of Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities and Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, where he also holds a position on the Board of Directors.


  • In the industry, he is the Chairman of Toffs Technologies Pte Ltd, a technology company with a focus on providing innovative solutions. His impact also extends to Tee International Ltd, an engineering and construction company, where he serves as an independent director. Additionally, he holds the role of Executive Chairman at Dart Consulting and Training Pte Ltd, a company specializing in cybersecurity training. His directorships include Red Alpha Cybersecurity Pte Ltd, Limboss Pte Ltd, and Celata Tech in Sri Lanka, highlighting his extensive presence in the technology and cybersecurity sector.


  • Professor Siow also plays a pivotal role as the Chairman of the Cloud Security Alliance Singapore Chapter, an organization dedicated to enhancing cloud security. His influence and insights in the realm of cybersecurity are particularly noteworthy.


  • Furthermore, he actively advises and consults with numerous organizations, including Dhata Tech Pte Ltd, Chainsys Pte Ltd,