Mr. Andrew Hodges – Senior Consultant


With over 35 years in the ICT industry, Andrew has consistently demonstrated his strength as a technology strategist and innovator. He excels in shaping long-term visions for clients and providing expert guidance. A natural leader, Andrew leverages his exceptional communication skills to drive transformation and influence change across diverse cultures. His career has been marked by a profound passion for technology, which has fueled his successful engagements in the Public Sector. Andrew’s expertise spans various domains, including Cloud, eGovernment, innovation, and Citizen Services, covering mature and emerging markets across Asia. His impact has been felt at all levels of government. Before his tenure at AWS, he served as a Chief Information Security Officer and Privacy Officer, amassing credentials in ethical hacking, penetration testing, forensics, and encryption technologies. His notable achievement includes being one of the few to attain the ANSI-accredited Certified Chief Information Security Officer certification. Currently, he holds the positions of Senior Security Advisor and CEO at Lucandra International, a leading consulting and professional services organization.

Key Skills:

1. Strategy: Andrew excels at developing and executing change strategies, frameworks, and plans. He specializes in impact assessment and sustainability planning, driving transformation from concept to reality.


2. Business Development: Andrew has a unique ability to engage with senior leaders and establish future business directions. He aligns technology trends with organizational goals.


3. Technology Ambassador: He seamlessly coordinates the adoption of the latest technology trends to support business objectives, making him a trusted technology ambassador.

4. Transformational Leader: Andrew identifies the need for change within teams and organizations. He inspires a shared vision and leads teams in executing change with unwavering commitment.


5. Stakeholder Management: Building stakeholder change networks is one of Andrew’s strengths. He collaborates with business managers to lead change initiatives, including resistance management plans. He ensures technical partners understand the underlying business impacts, fostering trust and understanding.


6. Communication: Andrew formulates effective communication strategies that empower teams to deliver clear messages to stakeholders. He adeptly addresses queries and concerns, ensuring smooth transitions.

7. Client Requirements: Andrew’s ability to synthesize client requirements is invaluable for workshop facilitation and stakeholder engagement.


Andrew’s unparalleled focus in the realm of cloud adoption centers on security leadership. He recognizes that many crucial discussions begin with this foundational element as cloud platforms evolve. With a career marked by groundbreaking contributions to the ICT industry and a relentless pursuit of technological innovation, Andrew remains at the forefront of transformation and change, particularly within the Public Sector.