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The Wisdom App

ENKI is an innovative, state-of-the-art Platform that facilitates a service to helps you find, schedule, and pay for expert advice via a mobile app to help you solve your problem. With ENKI, you can easily connect with a person who has faced the same problem that you’re facing to get advice.  When in doubt, and If you feels like you  need advice or have any doubt in mind about any day to day matter such as  obtaining a certain service from government department ,advice on what to do after got pulled over by police for traffic violation, when in need for basic legal advice such as which lawyer to  select or which doctor to select or which class to go to or  which shop  to select or in matters that need more professional advices as career, job, studies, relationship, private problems, get advice from someone who has been through the same problem on the ENKI app.


Just as ENKI enables everyday people to provide advice for everyday problems, ENKI also enables subject / domain experts to become certified subject experts on a variety of topics in order to be paid to share their knowledge with advice seekers. These certified experts can provide advice on specialized topics such as legal, healthcare, content marketing, banking, startup funding, and more. These verified experts would otherwise be out of reach for the average person, but ENKI’s business model makes it worthwhile by charging users a per minute fee for live phone consultations.