Mr. Damitha Jayawardane: Senior Consultant

With over 22 years of dedicated experience in the technology sector, Damitha has played strategic roles in identifying, positioning, and integrating large and complex IT solutions across diverse industries, including banking, telecom, defence, and government.


His expertise lies in system integration, where he has successfully delivered a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector. In the banking sector, Damitha has exposure to the implementation of core banking, mobile banking, risk management, Treasury management, fraud prevention and monitoring, real-time gross settlement systems (RTGS), ATM solutions, and data warehousing solutions. His thorough understanding of banking operations and regulations has enabled him to deliver robust and scalable solutions that drive efficiency and enhance the customer experience.


In the telecom sector, Damitha has experience with BSS, OSS, IPTV, data center solutions, IP networks, and enterprise solutions. His expertise in telecom infrastructure and technologies has been instrumental in optimising operations and enhancing service delivery TM forum framework.  Additionally, Damitha has exposure to SMART Government Solutions, where he has contributed to initiatives aimed at improving governance, efficiency, and security in the public sector. His comprehensive understanding of the business and security landscape has enabled him to develop and implement innovative solutions that address complex challenges faced by government organizations.


Throughout his career, Damitha has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, leveraging his technical expertise and strategic insights to drive business growth and deliver value to clients across various industries. His collaborative approach, coupled with his ability to navigate complex environments, has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and solution architect.