John Cann: Senior Consultant

With over 30 years of experience, Mr. John Cann, a dynamic global executive, has forged a career dedicated to sales, business development, and corporate engagement. His impact resonates across diverse sectors, earning recognition in information technology and economic development.


Key Competencies:

Mr. Cann’s expertise spans strategic business development, partnership enablement, executive engagement, startups/acceleration, digital transformation/advisory, and contract negotiation, showcasing his multifaceted leadership.


Professional Journey:

In his most recent role as the Head of Market Development at Amazon Web Services, Pte. Ltd. (December 2019 – June 2023), Mr. Cann empowered public sector financial customers for digital transformation, achieving remarkable growth and formalizing strategic agreements with institutions like the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations.

Previously, at Joi Scientific Pte Ltd, Singapore (October 2017 – November 2019), serving as the Company Director and Regional Business Development Lead, Mr. Cann played a pivotal role in managing international expansion and creating a substantial investment pipeline.

His journey extends to Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd, Singapore (September 2008 – October 2017), where as the Regional Director for Public Sector Asia, Mr. Cann consistently exceeded targets, leading strategic engagements with donors and governments on Cloud and digital transformation.


Versatility in Expertise:

From pioneering roles at Development Alternatives, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, to diverse experiences in notable organizations such as C.C. Pace Systems, Perot Systems, Inc., James Martin and Company, Andersen Consulting, and Merrill Lynch, Mr. Cann has consistently demonstrated technical depth and strategic foresight.

In conclusion, Mr. John Cann’s professional journey is a testament to a proven track record, a commitment to innovation, and an ability to navigate complex business landscapes. His distinctive blend of leadership, strategic thinking, and technical expertise positions Mr. Cann as a valuable asset for organizations seeking growth and transformation.