Thareendra Kalpage: Visionary Entrepreneur and Tech Innovator

Thareendra Kalpage, a trailblazing Sri Lankan-Asian entrepreneur and business executive, has made a significant impact on the regional business landscape. As the co-founder of Digital Zyndicate Co., a venture capital firm based in Denver, Colorado, and the driving force behind all Digital Zyndicate initiatives, Thareendra has showcased his prowess in investment strategy and technological innovation.


Ventures and Investments:

Thareendra’s portfolio extends beyond conventional ventures. As a key investor in Duthaya Digital Services through Digital Zyndicate, he has played a crucial role in the success of the revolutionary Duthaya mobile app—an online marketplace connecting freelance labor with local demand. Additionally, his involvement in Celata Tech, a cutting-edge technology firm in Location Intelligence, and the acquisition of Kloud Partner, a prominent System Integrator, demonstrates his strategic influence in the tech space.


Published Author:

Thareendra is not just an entrepreneur; he is also a published author. With several books to his name, including one focused on leadership and management, he has contributed valuable insights to the business and management literature.

Leadership Journey:

Thareendra’s entrepreneurial journey began after nearly two decades of senior leadership roles. Notably, he spent seven years as the Chief Operating Officer and, subsequently, from 2018, as the Chief Executive Officer of Epic Lanka Technologies. Under his leadership, Epic Lanka became a leading and innovative software firm, dominating eGovernment initiatives in Sri Lanka. Thareendra spearheaded strategic expansions, launching projects tantamount to startups, such as the first-ever Mobile Lottery App in South East Asia and the HelaViru Digital Market Place in collaboration with Sri Lanka Telecom.

Prior to Epic Lanka, Thareendra made groundbreaking contributions at Microsoft Sri Lanka, where he shaped commercial engagement with the government. His achievements include securing the first-ever Microsoft enterprise agreement with a government-owned entity and significantly increasing the adoption of Microsoft products in government institutes.

Noteworthy Contributions:

Thareendra’s journey began with significant contributions at Sierra Information Technologies and the DSI Samson Group. His proposal to start an Information Technology Company led to the formation of Samson Information Technologies, later known as DTech.

Beyond Business:

In addition to his business endeavors, Thareendra is a prolific writer on economics, technology, and global politics, earning widespread attention for his thought leadership. Committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, he provides guidance and strategic insights to young founders. Thareendra’s interests span investing, coaching, and knowledge-sharing, underscoring his dedication to fostering economic opportunities.

Education and Certifications:

Thareendra Kalpage holds an LLB (Hons) Law from Buckinghamshire New University and completed the Senior Management Programme at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Additionally, he is certified in Big Data and Cloud Computing Technologies from Yonsei University.

Visionary Approach:

Preferring to be recognized as a business leader with a deep understanding of value creation within the broader ecosystem, Thareendra encompasses technology, economy, science, social dynamics, and geopolitics in his visionary approach.

In summary, Thareendra Kalpage is not just an entrepreneur; he is a visionary leader, investor, and mentor, contributing significantly to the realms of technology, business, and global innovation.